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Reiki Healing Sessions and Classes

HeartSong HealingArts  focuses on Reiki as the most accessible and gentle energy healing modality available. Combined with crystals and vibrational techniques,  a session with Sarah will restore your sense of balance, filling you with vibrations of light and peace. 
Sessions are designed to accommodate your needs and to assist clearing and enhancing the harmonic resonance of your biofield. The results are a sense of peace and well-being, a lightness of spirit, and a calm centeredness that you carry from my studio into the world!

Sarah is a professional ICRT Reiki Master with over 12 years of experience. Her training encompasses Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®, crystals, vibrational therapy, and Access Bars®.  

Beginning her Reiki journey  in 2009, she has continued training, teaching, sharing and learning more about how our bioenergetic fields affect our wholeness and well-being.  While living in Arizona, she trained in the magical land of Sedona. She also traveled to Glastonbury, England for specialized training with the energy of Stonehenge. 

...a true spiritual person... Sarah met me at the door- it was like meeting an old friend..
like stepping into another universe- so peaceful." 
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Enjoy a 60- or 90-minute Reiki session that incorporates crystals and vibrational therapy. This is the foundational Reiki session that brings your being into refreshing balance.

Sessions offered in-person or online. 

$75/session      3 sessions/ $175

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Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life.

We recommend this modality for many folks who feel like their brain just "never stops working." 

These 60 min sessions offered in-person only.

$75/session       3 sessions/ $175


My Reiki sessions with Sarah have been transformational for me. Her compassionate, quiet, easy flowing presence was a balm for my soul. I felt healing energy and release, almost like I was floating on air. I loved our conversations after where she brought added knowledge and understanding to carry with me. Truly Sarah is a “Heart Song” deep within my heart and soul.” 

Cathy S., Goodyear, AZ 

Karen K. talks about her Access Bars® sessions:  "It feels like all the file drawers in my head have been emptied out!" 

"The universe led us to Sarah Soltow.  Wow, what a change Reiki has made in our lives.  Sarah 's introduction to Reiki made us want to learn more and seek more and do more.  Sarah's personality and loving spirit just makes you want to do your best.  She is so positive and knowledgeable.  She doesn't just teach but she shares her knowledge and love of Reiki.     I now am able to help others through the use of Reiki techniques learned in her class.  Sarah is not just my teacher/mentor and inspirational guide, but she has become a friend.  The universe gives you what you need when you need it.  This I truly believe and being introduced to Sarah and having her guide us through Reiki, a couple of years prior to 2020 was a Godsend, for both my daughter and myself and those we share this gift with."  

- Judi P., Goodyear, AZ 

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