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Pine Needle Baskets 

From Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Kowledge and the Teachings of Plants.

"The marvel of a basket is its transformation, its journey from wholeness as a living plant to fragmented strands and back to wholeness again as a basket. A basket knows the dual powers of destruction and creation that shape the world. Strands once separated are rewoven into a new whole." 

-Robin Wall Kimmerer p. 256

Pine Needle Basket Workshops


View the selections below and see how the beauty of pine needle basketry resonates in your own life.

Two-day workshops are available and are held in the comfort of your home or mine.  The cost is $95/person with all materials provided and the guarantee that you will complete one small basket that your own hands have made... with a little help from a friend. ​​​

To create a workshop for yourself or you and your friends, contact Sarah Soltow at 

 Due to the personal nature of the basketmaking process, class size is limited to 5 persons.

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New Earth

When I am creating a basket, I allow my mind to dream.  The creation of this basket contains my dream for a New Earth.

As our old paradigms of being and structures decay and fall away, I think of a mighty oak, who having held his ground for centuries, must eventually pass away and provide rich nutrient matter for new growth.

We are living in such a time. Our centuries-old  structures of power and privilege must give way to new systems of peace, equality, and stability. 

Many minds, along with my own, dream of a world where 'power-with' replaces the current paradigms of 'power-over.' 

We dream of lives based in the truth of abundance from the earth, not in the illusion of scarcity and fear.

We dream of acceptance, equality, opportunity, and a world of mutual support. We dream a world where the most vulnerable among us are most valued, where women and children and the elderly are not marginalized nor sacrificed on altars of war. 

These are the dreams contained in this basket,

New Earth. 

Aho. And so it is.

Pine Needle
Basket Magic!

These baskets are available for purchase by contacting Sarah at

Shipping is included in the price.

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