Enjoy a few extra days at Silver Bay YMCA resort in upstate New York with a two-day Pine Needle Basket Workshop. Sarah will guide you through the process of creating these beautiful works of art from the basics through to the finishing touches and embellishments that make it your own. 

All materials are provided and you are guaranteed to complete one small (4-5") basket and possibly begin your second one!  

When:  Thurs/Friday pre-NERR on May 4-5, 2023

9.30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cost: $125/person 

Registration: Contact Sarah with the button below for more info and to register.



HeartSong Pine Needle Baskets 

In Native American tradition, the pine tree carries the meaning of


Sarah creates these baskets using materials from the Earth close to her.

Indigenous and endangered long leaf pine needles are provided in abundance from an Elder Tree on her land. The needles range in length from 14" to 22".  

The basket centers range from cedar, mimosa, and holly tree slices (or cookies, as they are called), to smooth round stone centers, shells, walnut slices, and ceramics. All are responsibly sourced and chosen for their organic beauty.

View the selections below, read their stories, and see how the beauty of the pine needle basket resonates in your own life. 

Two-day workshops are available and are held in the comfort of your home or mine.  The cost is $95/person with all materials provided and the guarantee that you will complete one small basket that your own hands have made... with a little help from a friend. 


Starseed Series

The Starseed Series honors the work of Zelda Hotaling, a Native American craftswoman who has created the Dream Circle Project. 

The basket is graced by a 5" Dream Circle called a "Seed of Inspiration."

The basket is designed to hold the vibrations of peace and ascension for you and our world.



Sarah's pine needle baskets are designed to add a touch of creativity and natural beauty to your world.

Each basket is an individual work of art and are priced according to size, materials and time.

Prices generally range from $60 - $125.

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